We have worked very hard to establish and build a direct partnership with you and intend to continue strengthening our community focus and all levels of service. Our primary goal has been to establish a direct means of communication between the residents we serve and your West Vinewood Sheriff's Station.

We are pleased to provide a forum for residents to ask our Captain a question. We will also log questions of general interest along with his answers for your information.

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Q: Do I Have a Warrant?: Is there a way to find out if a family member has a warrant out for their arrest by going online?
A: Unfortunately there is not. If we provided that service on-line or over the phone, the law states we would be aiding and abetting a fugitive or those who may be wanted by law enforcement.
The only way to determine if a person has a warrant is to have that person come into any sheriff or police station with identification and ask to be checked for warrants or have them contact an officer or deputy on patrol and ask to be checked.
Another possibility would be to check with the court clerks office of the court where the warrant may have been issued out of. They may be able to provide information, but will most likely require the person to appear at the courthouse in order to check.
Some stations will provide clearance letters, which may indicate for employment background purposes if there is an outstanding warrant, for a fee.
The result is obvious, if the person has a warrant with a significant bail amount they would be taken into custody and appear before the judge. If it is an insignificant amount (amount varies by jurisdiction and jail population) the person may be given a citation and a new court date. Hope that helps!

Q: What is the legal definition of verbal abuse? My domestic partner ’believes he has the right to say and do anything he feels like’. He ’believes he has the right to yell at me.’ He believes he has ’the right to talk to me any way he wants to.’ What does the law say about this?
A: Verbal Abuse includes: name calling; ridicule; demeaning comments; attempts to make person think they are crazy; humiliating; verbal threats of violence; blaming; hollering. It is a form of emotional ’beating’ vs. emotional abuse which often is silent, but impactful with ’looks’, actions etc.
Emotional abuse can include hurting animals/pets with the inference that the person is next; slamming doors to scare or intimidate; isolating someone from friends or family. Both can also be done through electronic communication, from texting to emails etc.
Penal.Code 273.5a-f defines Domestic Violence as Emotional, Verbal, Sexual, Financial as well as Physical Abuse. It is a Felony Wobbler Charge, i.e, arrest as Felony, wobbles down to Misdemeanor if perpetrator agrees to 52 Week Domestic Violence Batterers Program, 3 years of Summary Probation.
ASSAULT means the VERBAL THREAT to do bodily harm, with the perception that the perpetrator could follow through, NO PHYSICAL ACTION included. BATTERY, is the unwanted touch of a persons body, no injury necessary.

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